For the last 20 years, while nurturing and guiding three amazing young people from their cribs into someday productive, happy adults, I have been designing sewn textile products for mail-order catalogs (Victorian Papers, Horchow, Sugar Hill, Hall’s) and large traditional retailers. In most cases, these customers would also hire me to act as the general contractor overseeing material purchasing and production.

This was all fine and good (and supplemented my dear hubby’s teaching salary), but now with two of said young people in college and the third in sixth grade, it is finally my time to RAMP UP THE FUN FACTOR! It’s time to use my creativity to feed my soul, not just the kids.

I missed the direct interaction with my customers, the very people who help inspire me. So, I downsized my retail and mail order businesses and now work exclusively from my home studio: South House Boutique.

To help share my creative passions, I joined Etsy, a fantastic online community that connects designers with clients, creating partnerships that transform the home into a stylish and comfy place to be with family and friends.

I fill my Etsy shop with unique and short-run sewn products that I love and create myself in my bright, sunny studio. Hopefully, many of you will love them too, and my shop will be full of new friends and customers and creative peers. In my dreams, I will be able to leave behind the world of mass production, wide demographic sale-ability and corporate retailing.

I hope you love the creative process too. My professional design reputation has been based on superior function with beauty and quality challenging for that top spot with a bias toward uniqueness and creative green through reclaiming, re-purposing and ReMixing.


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