Stocking Rods

I keep getting: “So what are your stockings hanging from?” “Are those hooks custom made?” “How do you hang so many stockings but have such an uncluttered mantle?”

So here’s my very simple secret: Two, yes, just two stocking holders suspending a standard curtain rod. It doesn’t get much easier (or cheaper) than that!

So Keep a look out for two heavy stocking holders/hooks that have a hook or loop large enough to slip a thin curtain rod through. Two should do it and you can just keep adding stockings as your family grows without having to purchase more hangers.

If you have a rustic mantle, such as a distressed timber, a thin rod (even a thin wood dowel) suspended from two cup hooks screwed into the bottom of the mantle would do the trick.

When my stockings easily fit within the space, I just use a twist tie to attached each stocking loop to the rod.

But when my grouping outgrows the allocated width, then I like to tie the stockings to the rod with ribbon staggering the length of ribbon to vary the heights.


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