Tips for Styling your Christmas Stockings Like a Pro

It really doesn’t take much to take your stockings from this:




To this…..


And after!


Whether I am styling my stockings for my home or for my photographs, I use several tricks that I have developed over the years.

Start by stuffing your stockings to give them shape. My stuffer of choice is that plethora of plastic bags from the grocery store in my pantry (despite my best efforts to remember to use my green grocery tote bags).

Stuff the toe and foot as full as you like; then before you start up the leg, drop a small weighted sandwich bag in the heel. I seal a handful of florist glass marbles in a simple sandwich bag with a twist tie. If you’re hanging a stocking on a door, think about filling the bag with sand. The soft weight will keep the stocking from swinging too hard and protect the finish of your door.

Once you have the heel weighted to counterbalance the toe and keep your stocking more upright, continue to stuff up the leg. When you get within a few inches of the top, wedge a chunk of florist foam in place to support your greens and accents.

Now it’s time to add the “wow” factor. The simplest is to insert a long stem of greens behind the foam and then insert glass globes, pine cones or whatever accents are best for you right into the foam. The foam will hold them upright and secure.

Of course, this all gets dumped on Christmas Eve to make room for St. Nick and his elves to deposit their bounty of surprises.


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