Grape Harvest

It’s a truly beautiful time of year! And it’s hard to imagine a more perfect setting to enjoy it than at Keith and Sarah Arnold’s, northwest of Maryville, MO.

This is one of the most splendid settings with vistas of rolling hills, a stunning “pond”, lake is more like it,  and huge sloping lawn leading down to beautifully tended vineyards. But it takes on a whole new life when it comes time to harvest the grapes.

Friends gather early in the morning, picking and laughing together, then share a meal. It just doesn’t get much better than this.

This crew harvested 2,640 pounds of Edelweiss grapes. Yikes! They earned that meal! Now comes the wait until they gather to enjoy the nectar that derives from the fruits of their labor.

Hoping you too have an opportunity to enjoy this beautiful harvest season among friends, whether picking grapes or gathering to turn the last of the season’s basil into a winter’s worth of pesto; or perhaps it’s salsa blended from multiple neighborly tomato beds.


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